- Anh Anh motel and motorbike rental has it all for your trip in the extreme north of Vietnam. 
The hotel is located near the bus station so its super easy to find when you arrive, it has clean spacious room and its affordable (200000d for 2people in double bed). 
They also rent motorbikes, a nice range of good quality bikes. 
Everything was very easy with Hoang, the manager of the place:
- we choose our bikes and helmets, 
- we signed a rental agreement and he took a copy of our passports and an ID (driving license or ID card); 
- he provided us with a map of the city and showed us where to go to get our permit;
- he also provides us with a map of the loop with a list of mechanics and gave us some good recommendations regarding where to go and what to see. 
And off we went leaving them our big back packs into storage for our 3days loop. 
We had a battery issue while on the loop, we called him and he dealt with it quickly and efficiently.
Highly recommend this place, lovely people and a good business! 
Btw the northern loop is so worth it, we loved every minute of it!